NEW Xiaomi Mijia Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Automatic Sweeping Dust Sterilize Smart Planned WIFI App Remote Control for Home


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  • Brand Name: Xiaomi
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Power (W): 50w
  • Voltage (V): 14.4V
  • Function: Sweep Suction
  • Dust Storage Type: Dust Box
  • Certification: ce
  • Certification: CCC
  • Installation: Robot
  • Timing Reservation: Yes
  • Remote Control: Yes
  • Model Number: Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • Cord Length (m): Wireless
  • Virtual Wall: Yes
  • Commodity Type: Robot Vacuums


Mijia Sweeping Robot

High IQ, sweeping clean and sweeping fast
Intelligent path planning Gale pressure  suction remote intelligent control large battery lasting cleaning

Smart enough
Many sensors such as LDS
Map generation, path planning
Automatic recharge
Breakpoint sweep

Strong enough
Large suction fan
Floating main brush
Dynamic speed side brush
10mm cleaning along the wall

simple design
5200mAh large battery
Remote intelligent control
View maps in real time
“Smart, think like a person”

Based on the evidence, I will plan the cleaning path at home.
I have a large number of sensors that synchronize the acquired data information to my three “brains” – the processor, which simulates the thinking of the brain.
And collaborate with each other, handing the collected data to the SLAM algorithm, building a room map, and real-time positioning. Divide areas according to the map and plan cleaning paths,
Form a sweeping path along the Z-shape of the edge and complete the partition cleaning task one by one.

LDS laser ranging sensor

Multi-sensor work together

Three independent processors

SLAM algorithm

A pair of alums, let me accurately detect indoor space
High precision laser ranging sensor
The LDS laser ranging sensor is my eye, which scans the room at 5 × 360°/sec for distance information. When the laser is projected onto an obstacle, it will
A spot is formed in my eyes. At the same time, the image sensor calculates the center distance to the laser ranging sensor* based on the pixel number of the spot.

5 × 360° / sec scan
1800 times / sec
Maximum precision range 6m
Error  2%

Smart, three brains make me think independently
Three separate processors are my clever “brains” that mimic the way the brain thinks and collaborate, synchronizing acquisition and processing.
Sensor information, through positioning and calculation, build maps in real time and plan cleaning paths to make sweeping more efficient.

Quad-core application processing with ARM CortexTM-A7 architecture
TI Texas Instruments
Digital signal processor
ST STMicroelectronics
ARM Cortex-M3 architecture microcontroller

Full sense, I can always detect complex environments
Different homes have different space environments. How can we meet various family environments? I cover the sensors of 12 mainstream robots.
9.6cm The height of the fuselage can easily enter every corner of the home, and the cleaning can be done gracefully and invisible.

Wonderful, industry-leading SLAM algorithm
Synchronous positioning and map construction algorithm, also known as SLAM algorithm, is used in high-tech projects such as NASA Mars Rover and Google Driverless Car.
Calculate according to the precise distance information obtained by the laser ranging sensor, the gyro direction data, the odometer data, the accelerometer data and other comprehensive data.
This algorithm can build a room map in real time and accurately know where it is on the map, thus providing a comprehensive path planning guarantee.

Take your own path and complete the cleaning task efficiently
I will clean up based on the map drawn by the SLAM algorithm and the planned cleaning path. With the cooperation of the sensors, I can know
The distribution of indoor ground objects, the identification of obstacles and the planning of cleaning paths in real time. In order to ensure the cleaning effect and cleaning efficiency, I will use the Z-shape after the extension.
The cleaning path, complete the partition cleaning one by one, and complete the cleaning task efficiently.

Cleaning has a focus, I can clear the area where to go
Open the Mijia APP, drag the cleaning box on the mobile map, I can only work in the box selection area. Tap the phone map to set the target point, I can drive on my own.
Don’t worry, I will get lost. I can build maps in real time while driving, and automatically plan the walking route to avoid obstacles ahead.

Don’t worry, I will automatically refill and break the point to continue to sweep*
Scan and position the cradle with my own laser ranging sensor to identify its position on the map. when
After the room is completely cleaned, I will automatically plan the route back to the charging dock. On the way to cleaning, if
The battery is less than 20%, I can automatically return to the charging stand, when the battery is charged to 80%, I will still
Go back to the last uncleaned location and continue cleaning, eliminating the need for repeated cleaning.

Clean the ground, give it to me
In addition to being a “smart” robot, I am a good helper for clean cleaning. The whole machine floats on the ground and the powerful high static pressure fan can effectively vacuum the dust.
With the three-dimensional cleaning system such as sweeping the side brush and rolling the vertical roll, the dust, hair and debris can be easily sucked up, and the floor and floor tiles can be deeply cleaned to accumulate dust.
Let you always feel the warm and clean home!

Have a strong lung capacity
With NIDEC brushless motor, the maximum wind pressure is about 1800Pa*, and the strong wind pressure brought by powerful air volume can be quickly and effectively sucked away.
Dust attached to the floor or carpet, the cleaning effect is immediate.

Ultrasonic induction allows me to see transparent glass
I have an ultrasonic sensor that mimics the bat’s ultrasound. The whole sensor consists of two parts: the transmitting ultrasound and the receiving ultrasound. The sound waves travel in the air.
The speed is 340m / s, according to the time difference between transmission and reception can be calculated and get my distance from the obstacle, so as to avoid collision, transparent objects can also correctly sense early deceleration.

Sweep along the wall,
Leave the wall without letting go

The most troublesome problem in the cleaning process is that the gap between the walls is often not clean, I am
Under the action of the wall sensor, the wall is always accurate during the process of cleaning the gap at the wall
Keep a distance of about 10mm, and at the same time, with the edge brush rotating at high speed, you can put the wall edge
The dust in the gap is cleaned up.

Clean appearance with love clean you

I have a modular design and consist of seven parts. The whole body is pure white, simple and elegant. The height of 9.6cm allows me to walk through all kinds of narrow
The narrow space, the upper cover of the IMR process, makes me feel more translucent, and the body is made of high-strength impact-resistant ABS material, which is resistant to wear and aging. And the surrounding and bottom Use a matte finish to avoid leaving marks due to collision wear. The charging base uses a fire-rated grade V0 plastic material, which effectively reduces safety hazards.

Strong power
Powerful battery from self

High-energy star density 18650 lithium ion battery with a capacity of 5200mAh *, a single battery life of about 2.5 hours in standard mode, can clean a house area of about 250 square meters The intimate function of recharging can meet the cleaning needs of families of different sizes.
2.5 hours battery life
square meters
Multiple protection, please rest assured of my battery safety
My battery uses a stainless steel shell, comes with PTC / CID and other safety protection devices, the battery pack and supporting power adapter use first-class precision charge and discharge control chip, and the battery pack protection board is equipped with advanced primary and secondary protection The chip, a battery pack multi-string protection board designed based on user safety, has multiple safety protections against overcharge, overdischarge, overheating / cooling, short circuit, overcurrent, secondary overvoltage, etc. to ensure the long life of the battery pack.

Overcharge protection
Over discharge protection
Temperature protection
Short circuit protection
Overcurrent protection
Secondary overpressure

Remote intelligent control,
No one at home can let me sweep the floor.

Open Mijia APP, you can view the cleaning status in real time, and understand the cleaning through real-time map.
schedule. In addition, you can also schedule my cleaning tasks at any time, set up daily before going to work.
Regular cleaning time, you can feel the little happiness brought by the clean ground after returning home from work. clear
When sweeping, there are three types of cleaning modes: quiet, standard and strong. You can switch between them and the supplies are
Pre-Mianjia APP will remind you to replace the relevant parts, one-click order, intelligent control is
So simple*.

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