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About Us

What we do

Bespoke IoT solutions optimally tailored to clients’ needs…

The IoT solutions and services we offer on our website have been meticulously developed through hands-on experience; from tracking a loved one or pet to automating the temperature of your home or the watering of your plants. We offer additional and tailor-made IoT solutions that focus on clients’ specific needs.

Our services are focused on IoT solutions within the Channel Islands. As such, the IoT products and services that we offer, are specific to the requirements of the residents of the Bailiwicks. We are also continuously developing new and exciting IoT propositions.

For consumer and households, our approach is simple. There is a vast array of ‘IoT’ and ‘Smart Home’ products and services available and we understand that everyone has a unique use case. Only after identifying this use case will we recommend the solution. We are confident that we can deliver a unifying experience across all of your gadgets in a ‘single pane of glass’.

We are actively engaged in a number of enterprise solutions including utilities monitoring and private LPWAN deployments.

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Our history

IoT CI – Born of passion, experience and opportunity…

In March 2020, COVID 19 turned everyone’s world upside down… and IoT CI was born.

After more than 20 years consulting for Global Telcos and a move to Jersey several years ago, the founder, Jonathan (or JJ to those who know him), launched IoT CI, following on from the work he had undertaken at one of the Channel Islands’ Tier 1 Telcos.

With a pedigree in Mobile Telecommunications focussing on data applications which specialise in Location-Based Services, Jonathan held the position of interim Director of the EU Working group for Policy and Regulation in IoT at the GSMA (Global System for Mobile Communications), before moving to Jersey in 2015.

Jonathan has always been fully immersed in the IoT work he has been engaged with – it is his passion. This work has seen him delivering the first SMS based Smart Home solutions at the turn of the century, power line monitoring for the national electricity provider in South Africa. In addition to this, he delivered location-based services for NATO Troops on location in Afghanistan.

View the rest of Jonathan’s experience here:

The advent of the ‘democratisation of technology’ and disruptive services like WhatsApp saw his beloved industry take heavy losses on SMS.  Then, a new wireless technology became available that was stable, fit for purpose and royalty free. This, along with the arrival of COVID 19, compelled Jonathan to follow his dream outside of the corporate telco world and IoT CI was born.