Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

Our Asset tracking platform is based on opensource and as such has one of the largest databases of know GPS tacking devices and protocols.

This means, like everything we do here, is that you are presented with a “single pane of glass” for anything you want to track. That includes, keys, pets, watches, phones, bikes cars… Because our application is based on opensource, that also means that the data (your data from your applications) can also be used in other applications ensuring that your tracking solution can supplement existing datasets and CRM systems.

In our own personal experience, this tool has proven to be invaluable when contesting 12 hour limit parking bays by showing the relevant authorities the logs of where the vehicle has been.

Combining this data with platforms such as Home Assistant, delivers powerful location based automation. For example, when driving past a Roberts Garage, Home Assistant can look up and if the car is low on fuel, if the car needs fuel and Roberts Garage has the cheapest fuel at present, and there is no immediate engagement in your calendar, you can get a notification that now would be a good time to fill up!

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Turn any smartphone into a GPS tracker, Compatible with any modern Android / Apple Smartphone

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