Consumer IoT Solutions

Consumer IoT Solutions

We have a number of solutions focused on the home and family environment. These offerings have been tailor made to the Channel Islands and the things that we as a community can benefit from. Our flagship product is the installation and configuration of smarthome applications. What we offer is a “single app” to rule all of your smarthome devices. Whether you want to automate the watering of your plants, mowing your lawn or vacuuming the house. Our solutions are scalable meaning that you can start small and the solution will be able to grow as you add more and more things to you life! Have a look at our Home Assistant offering below to find out more.

All of our products and services are offered either via our online store or via consultancy and project delivery. We also offer a free consultation to give you that peace of mind that our solutions will work with your existing setup.

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Home Assistant Installation & Support

Keyco LoRa® GPS Tracker

Home Office

Asset Tracking

Pest Control

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