Mini Waterproof GSM GPS tracker Car motorcycle Tow away move alarm vehicle ACC monitor cut off oil real time tracking software




  • Brand Name: YunTrack
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Certification: CE
  • Certification: RoHS
  • Item Size: 74*25*13mm
  • Special Feature: Remote Control
  • GPS type: GPS Tracker
  • Model Name: CJ780
  • Out Power: Very Small
  • Gps Module: Yes
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Battery Life: 1 To 4 Hours
  • cut off Oil Power: Need to be combined with relays
  • Band: 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
  • Satellite: GPS BDS GLONASS
  • GSM GPS Chip: MT2503D
  • Network: GSM/GPRS, 2G
  • Built-in battery: 70 mAh
  • Voltage: 8V-95V

Functions and Product parameters (CJ780/Off petrol and electricity Need to match relay

◆ Real-time tracking  ◆against pseudo base-station&detect
◆ Vibration/Displacement/Low battery/Power off/over speed alert
◆ Main power cut off alert  ◆ Geo-fence
◆ History Route ◆ Cut and resume oil remotely  ◆ AGPS locating


GSM    850/900/1800/1900MHz



Backup Battery

3.7V 70mAh

Operating voltage


Location time

Cold start 35s-80s

Hot start 1s

Location accuracy

5 meters

Operating temperature





  30 g

Note: against pseudo base-station&detect function should under power save work mode! The device would wake

up when move and speed above 20km/h.


11.jpgAPN设置 状态检查710新3_01拖车报警

How to drag away the alarm function:

1. Link ACC, (Need to perform alarm function by monitoring ACC status.)
2. Set the main control number: admin123456 + 86186 ****** (+ 86186 ***** should be youe phone number)
3. Send SMS command: tow1,300 (tow1-4: 1 is SMS alarm, 2 is phone alarm, 3 is SMS + phone alarm, 300 is distance)

Towed away move alarm

ACC:OFF、Motorcycle Car Towed away move 300 meters alarm 、The GPS device will issue: SMS alarm, phone alarm,


ACC status automatic arming function:

ACC is off: SMS and phone alert will be issued automatically when the vehicle vibrates.
ACC is on: The vehicle vibrates without sending SMS and phone alerts.未标题-1_017301_02


Faults & The solutions

Q:Start up Fail?
A:Check the cable connect right or not.
Q:The device can not obtain location information?
A:Place the unit at the open area to test.
Q:How to choose SIM card?
A: the SIM card must support GSM&GPRS,and ensure that the
card has enough currency and credit.
Q: How to use in the foreign countries?
A:please set the APN before use,please edit the text “APN123456
CMNET “ and send it to the SIM card of the device,CMNET is
Chinese operator’s APN, Replace the corresponding APN when
use in other countries, APN details, please consult your local SIM
card carrier.
Please comply with the instructions to extend the unit life:
1. Keep the unit dry. Any liquid, i.e. rain, moisture, may destroy or
damage the inside circuitry.
2. Don’t use & store the unit in dusty places.
3. Don’t put the unit in overheated or over cooled places.
4. Handle carefully. Don’t vibrate or shake it violently.
5. Clear the unit with a piece of dry cloth. Don’t clean in chemicals,
6. Don’t paint the unit, this may cause some foreign materials left in
between the parts.
7. Don’t disassemble or refit the unit.
8. Please use the battery and charger provided by manufacturer.
Using other batteries and chargers will cause unwanted situation


Additional information