You can never be too careful…

When COVID-19 arrived, it caused widespread fear and uncertainty. Personally, we were unsure as to if our little boy would be classed as vulnerable.

Whilst the relief of vaccines does put us slightly more at ease, we can not let our guard down in what is hopefully the final stages of this global Pandemic. To this, we wanted to share with you what we developed here at IoT CI to give us a little more peace of mind when answering the front door.

After losing someone very close to me, I wanted to share with you and example of the power of Home Assistant. This is not a professional video, so we do apologise for the quality, but wanted to showcase:

1. The (Ring Video Doorbell) ringing.

2. Home Assistant then checks to see if the ESP has identified any Covid tracking apps at the door.

3. Home Assistant then sends a notification to Alexa speakers.

4. A notification is sent to mobile.

Please do get in touch via our website should you wish to get some more information on any of the items used in this solution.

The components used for this solution are:

Ring doorbel….. although any connected doorbell will work

Amaxon Alexa for announcements… but again, any connected speaker will suffice….

ESP BLE to detect the presence of a covid tracking app.

Home Assistant to tie it all together in a robust, locally operated, easy to use way.

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